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Anonymous asked:

My boobs are really saggy what should I do?im worried i never get married or have children or do anything of that sort , I'm 19 and quite short, I'm a dd cup but I really hate them and there's no way anyone could find them attractive unless they're covered up, 😪 xx


A few things -

Your future boyfriend or husband will not base his love for you on the appearance of 2 things stuck to your body. If he does, reconsider him. 

You breasts are not toys for men. They are not designed to be beautiful play things for you to be assessed and judged on. Your boobs are waiting for you to have babies so that you can nourish those babies and be a Mama. Please don’t ever think that because they are ‘saggy’ they aren’t good enough.

Fun Fact (maybe TMI)- My boobies look brilliant in bras but probably not as brilliant free-stylin’. I’m very OK with that. I’m not just saying that to make you feel better. If I ever for a fleeting moment think my boobies aren’t very nice, I remind myself that they gave my Daughter the first food she ever had and sustained her. That’s pretty cool. 

Think of your boobs as these amazing life giving things, with the added bonus of being fun for the man in your life. You don’t owe men anything. You don’t owe them perfect pert tits of any specific size or shape. Your body is fine. 


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